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Open Source Zelda Classic
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July 2017

Holy heck, thanks for passing this along. I'm going to try it out.

No problem, mate. If you discover anything useful out of that, please post about it.

At present, I am having strange issues with LOADPNG ad LIBJPG. It does not seem to matter what compiler, or who compiled 4.4.3, PNG and JPG loading is failing on the initial call to the libs, but it succeeds every call thereafter.

I do not see why, or if there is some linking issue that we have all missed, or if I need to package a blank PNG with ZQuest and have the initial tile editor import graphic function load a blank PNG so that it masks out the bug, just to get this release out.

I do know that I can somehow compile Allegro.dll from ~4MB down to ~550KB, with various config options, all seemingly as static libs, and that the Allegro CMake config files are in need of revision in the future. How much baggage does it truly need? How many licks to the centre of a Tootsie Roll pop?

On another note, who is in charge of the depot database?

I would like to link the current dev team to the old Zelda Classic entry, so that we can retain the old reviews of the programme, rather than using the new entry that I opened. JMan cannot find his login details, and from what I can see, his account was expired by someone at some point, as when I tried to add him to the depot project that I opened, it claimed that the user was invalid.

Is there anyone that can go into the Zelda Classic depot entry in the database, and add DarkDragon and me to that, so that we can bring it up to current, and purge the duplicate entry?

Chris Katko
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January 2002

ZoriaRPG said:

On another note, who is in charge of the depot database?

Matthew is. But he's been M.I.A. for a year now.

Check out his website and send him an e-mail if you really need it.

[edit] Looks like his website now forwards to his google plus page?

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Eric Johnson
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January 2013

Looks like his website now forwards to his google plus page?

It has done that for at least a few years now.

Member #16,714
July 2017

Well, after over fsixty hours of building different Allegro configs, I decided to look at this PNG and JPEG issue from a different angle. It was still related to the allegro change, but it was rather idiotic. I fixed it in the ZC source by setting packfile_password to NULL before loading the image.


We have Zelda Classic, v2.53.0 Beta 7 for Windows available, for any of you who wish to try it.

A Linux build may take a while yet though, as we have not sorted the sound issue. I still believe that this is something with ALSA in the kernel. ::shrug::

Edgar Reynaldo
Member #8,592
May 2007

I gave out your latest release of ZC a test run. Made it through like 10 screens before I died. Lame. But, I noticed that you don't support 16:10 WideScreen aspect ratios like 1920x1080 (Standard HD). I can show you how to detect all available fullscreen modes in Allegro 4 if you wish.

It was something I worked on back when Allegro was on 4.3.10. Like 8 years ago or something.

I suck at this game. I managed to buy a candle but I don't know what to burn. No spoilers please I'm basically playign this game through the first time.

Here's an updated chm manual for Allegro 4.4.3. It comes with my binaries, but I thought you might like it.

See get_gfx_mode_list(int card) under the graphics section of the api.

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