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A little programmer's humour.
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November 2003

Regarding Lisp, do you know why programming courses on American universities hand out List tests on laminated paper?

Because they don't want to reprint the test everytime student pukes on it after seeing 30 opening left brackets at the beginning of the question code.

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Dizzy Egg
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March 2009

Not really a joke, but a few years back I was working on a music server for my boss, and he asked why I had to keep uploading to the processor - I explained I was fixing bugs, to which he snapped, quite seriously, "can't you just write software without bugs in it?"

Always makes me smile ;D

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Gideon Weems
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October 2003

Oh, man. This one got me:

The C Language IFQ said:

Section 6: Memory Allocation

6.1: Why doesn't this fragment work?

  char *answer
  printf("Type something:\n");
  printf("You typed \"%s\"\n", answer);

The semicolon after ``answer'' is missing.

Bruce Perry
Member #270
April 2000

bamccaig said:

the use of women and the pushing of Feminist ideals

For example?

I still enjoy xkcd often enough, and no one's perfect, right?

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July 2006

I'm not sure if I can find an example. It might have been a fluke. I haven't been reading it in a year or two. I recall going back months ago after not reading for a couple of years, reading 10 or so comics, thinking they were all stupid and off-topic (i.e., disinteresting and inconsistent), and stopped. It may just be they were out of context or I wasn't feeling it at the time... :-/ The most recent ones seem pretty OK, I guess. But still, it used to be you looked forward to every single comic. I don't think that's the case anymore.

Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

Xkcd hasn't lost much of its edge over the years. Like South Park.

The author has always leaned just a bit on the sappy, wubby, boo boo side, though. I mean, the wimpy Superman Ⅱ knock-off gag was on the front page for how many years? You know the one: "Slow the rotation of the earth for a few more seconds with you" or something equally barf-worthy.

The normal strips are usually interesting, though, and there have been a number of entertaining data presentations in the vein of Our World in Data but with more pizazz.

Chris Katko
Member #1,881
January 2002

After 20 years, South Park has held up a thousand times better than Simpsons did (which only lasted season 3 through 8 as the "golden age"). My thing is, they've given us so much good stuff over these TWO DECADES that if they want to try new stuff (that kind of failed in execution) that's their thing. They're welcome to try it. They've been experimenting with season-wide arcs and the last season or two definitely failed at it because the per-episode jokes really suffered.

Just like Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor. So many albums lately have been "meh" beep boop beep "copy of a copy of acopy of a copy of acopy of a copy of opy of a copy of a". But at the same time, the guy has done so much great stuff, if he wants to make kids covers of katy perry songs for the rest of his life, he's given us more than any of us could expect or demand from a professional--he doesn't owe us anything.

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