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Firefox is Cool Again
Chris Katko
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January 2002

As a programmer/IT/nerd I'm glad Firefox exists and continues to be a competitor, and I wish them the best. But I cannot support Mozilla (by using their products) until they fundamentally change their culture to allow for inclusion instead of "being ruled by blue-haired, pierced-nose, hateful" people who undergo witchhunts in the company when anyone is found to criticize them.

Not to turn this thread into another SJW/feminist/whatever angry thread--so I won't post any more on this specific sub-topic out-of-respect--but why are the most "inclusive" programs and communities always seem to be the most violent, witchhunting, hateful, intolerant-of-dissent groups? Like Github's Opal controversy. A "contributors convenant" aimed at "inclusion" that ends with witch-hunting commiter's twitter feeds to find anyone guilty of Wrong Think and demanding an important, hard-working developer because of a tweet. Even if you truly think the developer said/did something wrong, the entire WORLD is built on top of imperfect people. To expect ANYONE to have never said anything remotely offensive in their entire lives, is insane. If we restrict contributions to "inoffensive people" we have basically... zero contributions.

The first reply is perfect.


If you want him removed, start working on Opal and contributing as much as him to everything he did for Opal so we have a replacement that's more in orientation with your morals and views.

Protip: you won't because you can't.

The people who raise the most alarm, are almost (or always?) incapable of replacing the skills of the person they're rallying against. So if we do follow their wishes, we'll end up with nothing but dead projects. And even if they could, they don't want to. They don't want to put effort in... they just want to raise their pitchforks and look like a hero for a day. People who put months or years of effort into free projects... those are the real heroes. Anyone can get mad for a day.

“Programs should be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.” - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
"Political Correctness is fascism disguised as manners" --George Carlin

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July 2006

Mozilla is clearly on a downward spiral, and perhaps this social justice infestation is partly responsible. It's clear they've lost their vision, but perhaps this shows us how. I'd happily boycott them if there were better alternatives. I don't think any browser producer these days would be rid of the social justice parade.

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September 2002

Yeah, Mozilla dropped the ball on that. Enabling and supporting political radicals in the office sounds like a stupid idea. A culture of fear and resentment is not conducive to the mutual respect and tolerance that most people working there probably want. And the feminists will never fix the self-esteem issues that they are dealing with when the management is encouraging destructive behavior instead of self-improvement.

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