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MSVCR110D.dll missing
Member #16,602
December 2016

I come across a problem with Allegro 5. Yesterday I installed Allegro and all went fine. But then I stumbled upon a weird problem when a I tried to call al_map_rgb. Because of this a reinstalled Allegro and now it says that MSVCR110D.dll is missing. Anyone who knows what the problem is?

Edgar Reynaldo
Member #8,592
May 2007

That's the MSVC Debugging CRT dll. It means your exe was built against the debugging CRT. I don't think the Debug dlls come with the redistributables, so you'll need to find the dll you need on your machine. It should be there somewhere.

It may be provided by the redistributable, but I don't think it is.

Rodolfo Lam
Member #16,045
August 2015

Just saw your question in StackOverflow. Just to maximize exposure of my answer, here it is again, rewritten because of laziness in copy-pasting:

Missing MSVCRxxxD DLLs happen because you are mixing Visual Studio versions. That is the debug version of the library, and it is intended to be used only in debug builds. It is included with Visual Studio but is specific to a version of it. If you run binaries compiles for different versions you might get a Workin program but with weird random errors. Or nothing at all. You should always use the same compiler across all binaries you use.

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