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Thread locks.
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March 2007

Well, my favorite off topic ordeals doesn't have as much content now days. :(

Now I just came by some talk about FF & Chrome which drifted to feminism, & wanted to add something about actual chrome performance. Nope, thread locked. Despite it being third thread from top.

Maybe extend the duration @ which a thread gets locked?

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April 2008

Could extend time across all threads, or, could check before locking if thread is in top 5 most recent threads in the subforum. Would indirectly allow depot threads to be open much longer than other threads, allowing more feedback for releases :)

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Member #8,381
March 2007

Sum constructive statements you got there.

Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

It's either the last post was over a week old, or a mod locked it.

I just hid the OT forum as it's pretty pointless to post in there now.

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January 2003

Actually, I think it was mod locked. Last post was about 2.5 days ago.

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