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Allegro with Visual Studio Community 2013
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April 2015


I'm new to allegro, i have Visual studio community 2013 installed in my computer, i have no idea how to setup or install allegro and attach it to visual studio community 2013.

I try with the settings on wiki, with visual studio 2010, but it's not working.
I'll be glad if anyone can guide me step by step how to install and setup allegro on Visual studio community 2013, with a simple code to make sure it's running well.

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October 2006

Can you post what didn't work when following those instructions? I don't actually know if the binaries for MSVC 2010 work with the 2013 compiler...

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April 2015

VS 13 community is one of the best things that MS ever did but now We need this and other Communities to step up and support it a TOTALLY free and FULLY FUNCTIONAL VS. Please help with this anyone.

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January 2001

I use VS13 Community with the binary files listed for MSVC 11.

You can basically follow these same intructions from the wiki.

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