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al_create_sub_bitmap not working for one bitmap
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August 2005

Hello all,

I am trying to use a sprite sheet for animation. I have a main bitmap that stores the sprite sheet, along with a number of bitmaps that store the individual frames of animation. I have a function called load graphics that gets called and loads the individual bitmaps as sub bitmaps of the main sprite sheet using al_create_sub_bitmap. Each frame that I load works except for one. I have an ALLEGRO_BITMAP called "* g_standing" which stores the sprite when the player is just standing still. No matter what values I pass al_create_sub_bitmap it loads the wrong frame.

1void player::load_graphics(const char * file_name) 2{ 3 graphics = al_load_bitmap(file_name); 4 5 al_convert_mask_to_alpha(graphics,al_map_rgb(255,0,255)); 6 7 8 g_standing = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_STAND_X,P_STAND_Y,P_STAND_W,P_STAND_H); 9 10 g_falling = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_FALL_X,P_FALL_Y,P_FALL_W,P_FALL_H); 11 12 g_walking[0] = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_WALK1_X,P_WALK1_Y,P_WALK1_W,P_WALK1_H); 13 g_walking[1] = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_WALK2_X,P_WALK2_Y,P_WALK2_W,P_WALK2_H); 14 g_walking[2] = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_WALK3_X,P_WALK3_Y,P_WALK3_W,P_WALK3_H); 15 g_walking[3] = al_create_sub_bitmap(graphics,P_WALK4_X,P_WALK4_Y,P_WALK4_W,P_WALK4_H); 16 17 curFrame = NULL; 18}

P_STAND_X = 0, P_STAND_Y = 0, P_STAND_W = 21, P_STAND_H =24, however it doesn't matter what I pass. Whatever I pass, it ends up loading the same graphic that i loaded in g_walking[2]. Even if I pass the actual numbers themselves, or even if I pass crazy numbers that couldn't possibly work.

I know the line of code where g_standing is created gets called, because if I comment it out the program crashes on loading when it tries to access it. If I change the section of code that sets curFrame when the player is standing to point to another frame (say g_walking[1]) it displays that frame as it should. I can't figure out why its not working. Even stranger, if I create another bitmap variable and call it g_st, and link it the same way as g_standing, it works.

I searched through every source file in my entire project for 'g_standing' to see if maybe I initilized it somewhere else by mistake somehow, but its not there. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I know I can just use the different variable name, however I'm interested to know why this one is giving me trouble.

Edgar Reynaldo
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May 2007

You'll have to show more code, perhaps a complete zip of src that demonstrates this and your resources. Can't tell what is going on, but it seems like memory corruption.

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