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correct debugging with wrong result - basic display tutorial
Majiyenai Ken
Member #15,279
August 2013

hello guys
I'd installed Allegro 5.0 of the version "allegro-5.0.10-msvc-11.0" and using MSVC 2012 on the Win7 system recently,then I followed the instructions on the
step by step setting all dependencies,directories and paths properly to build the allegro display tutorial project.

Besides this,I also added all dlls in the bin folder of allegro to the "system32 folder" & "sysWOW64 folder",then copied all contents from "bin","include"&"lib" of allegro5 to the same named folders separately in the folder "VC" which is included in Visual Studio 2012.

Finally,I built the project correctly and debugged without any problem,but the strange thing is It should run to generate a blank window which appears for 10 seconds then closes itself, however it just Appeared in the Windows taskbar without generating???

Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

There's apparently a bug that causes the allegro window to display off screen.

Try using al_set_new_window_position to set the position that all new windows will be created. Or after the display is created you can call al_set_window_position.

If calling one of those functions helps, then its probably that bug.

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Majiyenai Ken
Member #15,279
August 2013

thanks a lot !! It works now!! :o

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