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Generating timer event
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March 2011

Hi, I wanted to know, whether there's a way to generate timer event on my own. The thing is that I have something like:

while (ti->run){
  al_wait_for_event(queue, &ev);
  if (ti->run/* && (!*(ti->suspended))*/){
    if (ti->updater->update()) *(ti->refresh) = true;

This code runs in separate thread. Now when I need to close the application, I just set ti->run to false and wait for the thread to exit (actually it is Win32 thread, I do not use allegro wrapper for this one, but I don't think that matters). The point is, that in the worst case I have to wait for the whole timer interval till the thread closes (because of it waiting for the event). So after setting ti->run from sepparate thread, I would also like to escape the al_wait_for_event (by generating the event on my own for example...). Now I suppose I could create my own event type (somehow - I know Allegro supports it but I haven't found out any tutorial on that...), but I really do not want to compliate things, so fireing the timer event on my own would suffice.


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October 2006

I doubt Allegro provides such a feature. I'd just use a user event, they are easy enough (see ex_user_events for more ideas). Just create your own source, register it and fire off a user event:

1ALLEGRO_EVENT_SOURCE my_source; 2al_init_user_event_source(&my_source); 3 4ALLEGRO_EVENT_QUEUE* queue = al_create_event_queue(); 5al_register_event_source(queue, &my_source); 6 7#define EVENT_QUIT ALLEGRO_GET_EVENT_TYPE('q', 'u', 'i', 't') 8 9ALLEGRO_EVENT my_event; 10my_event.user.type = EVENT_QUIT; 11al_emit_user_event(&my_source, &my_event, 0); 12 13ALLEGRO_EVENT event; 14al_wait_for_event(queue, &event); 15 16al_destroy_user_event_source(&my_source);

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Member #12,698
March 2011

OK, I'll try that out...

//edit: Works perfectly!

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