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Smileys as punctuation?
Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

p.s. why does {'L', 'O', 'L'} automagically turn into a smiley face? You are creative, sir Matthew.

It doesn't turn into, "I'm dumb!" anymore?

Member #7,536
July 2006

The other way was funnier though. >:) Also, why has the evil grin smiley that somebody created a couple of years ago not been adopted? It's just so perfectly awesome.

Member #1,134
March 2001

bamccaig said:

Also, why has the evil grin smiley that somebody created a couple of years ago not been adopted? It's just so perfectly awesome.

Thank you, thank you. ;D

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January 2003


Err, is it random?

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July 2002

I've come to like >:-E~~~ as a good smiley for many rage-ful situations.

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October 2006

Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

Err, is it random?

I belive l o l (;D) and R O F L (;D) are different.

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Chris Katko
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January 2002


Conan O'brien wanking.

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July 2006

Dario ff
Member #10,065
August 2008

We really need the evil grin smiley. It's too convenient for some situations.

Sorry, just gotta try this random smiley stuff, ;D(lol), ;D(rofl). Come on, these should be replaced by I'm dumb! (I fell for that one in my first posts).

Also, I've seen in another forum "plz" replaced by "Plz bitch, slap me!".


BTW a true grammar Nazi doesn't use smiley's.

::)... ???

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