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Mouse limits do not change when resizing (Windows,AL5 SVN)
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October 2009

If I set the initial display to 640x480, then resize, the mouse will only be trackable in the first 640x480 region. I tested this by setting the initial display to 1280x800, then my mouse limits expanded.


Member #358
May 2000

I can confirm this in Wine. It works fine under Linux though so the problem must be in the Windows mouse driver. I filed a bug report:

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Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

It's fixed in SVN now.

Peter Wang
Member #23
April 2000

The fix doesn't seem right. I haven't investigated it fully, but:

In the WM_ACTIVATE case we call d->vt->switch_in(d), which leads to wgl_switch_in, which calls al_set_mouse_range(), which calls new_mouse_driver->set_mouse_range(), which calls wmouse.c:set_mouse_range which calls al_get_current_display(). But of course we're still in the middle of handling WM_ACTIVATE.

Also, why would wgl_switch_in need to call al_set_mouse_range but not d3d_switch_in?

EDIT: PS. I am delaying 4.9.17 for this.

Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

I think that set_mouse_range call is a remnant of the old directinput mouse driver. It doesn't seem to be needed so I commented it out.

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