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How to obtain OpenGL 2.1. Revisited: Gods.. heed my call!
Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000


On a friends computer any allegro application takes 15-30 seconds to load, this makes me feel like I have no control over certain aspects of my game, and I hate that feeling.

What kind of computer? a 386? AllegroGL is not causing that extra load time, if it is, its a bug.

Allegro 4.9 had a little bug (and still might) which caused initialization of the font addon to take a long time...


You might think it's a dumb decision to not use AllegroGL but I feel like I gain a lot from doing so, it increases my understanding of how things work and makes it easier for me to overcome other problems.

Thats a perfectly valid reason to pick doing something this complex and time consuming yourself. But once you've done it yourself, it would be stupid to do it again :P

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