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My balls are lagging!
Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

Yeah, I know. I just feel like being slightly annoying today.

Member #3,861
September 2003

Feel good. It is better for all !

"Code is like shit - it only smells if it is not yours"
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Albin Engström
Member #8,110
December 2006

Hmm, i guess i should throw away my embarrassment... from now on i'll post my code when i need help.. revolution! :).

Member #7,616
August 2006

Go! Go! Go! cough

My code stinks. I still post it if someone asks. It's the way the world works. :)

Joel Pettersson
Member #4,187
January 2004

Kikaru said:

My code stinks.

#include <deodorant.h>

Bruce Perry
Member #270
April 2000

You spelt "embarrassed" right (unless you fixed it since). :D

However, someone needs to learn how to spell "lag". :o

Think how much fun I had when I was writing a game called Balls. ;D

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