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Can i use mp3 sounds?
Vijay K
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August 2006

Hi ,

i'm using allegro for the development..
can i use mp3 type of files using allegro??

if yes, How can i use them and what should i do?

Also i want to know among the mp3 , wav formats which would the best and which would be easier to be played among all the systems ..(i'm going to use sounds for the buttons, warnings etc all would be short in length)

If can pl add the code to play the sounds(either mp3 or wav).. using allegro.


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June 2002

You can, but others will suggest you rather use ogg instead of mp3. Allegro itself doesn't load those formats, but there are a couple of libraries that do in the libraries section.

Playing plain wav files is easiest because you don't need any external libraries. You just need those functions:

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