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how to get the input from the users
Vijay K
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August 2006

hi friends,

i'm invloving in creating a game and in the game i'm using all images to display and if want to get the user's name and displayed in a page, for example in a high scores page, how can get those input from user by letting him/her type the name .

is there any area element for getting the text inputs from the user like the one in HTML.

pl help me ,



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June 2002

Use these to get input:

and these to draw to screen:


There is an area element just like the one in HTML. It is documented in the GUI section of the Allegro manual.

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Tobias Dammers
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August 2002

RTM on GUI routines in general, and d_edit_proc() in particular.

BTW, this is not an allegro development question.

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