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SpeedHack: Fender's Dream
Bernardo Lopes
Member #7,318
June 2006


I see that several people started threads in here to talk about their SpeedHack's entries. So I decided to open this thread to talk about my game.

My game obviously can be found for download on the SpeedHack page. I kindly ask that someone downloads it and try to run the makefile. I'm very curious if the makefile is working or not since I have not tested it to see if compiles the game.

My entry is called Fender's Dream. It has the same concept of Krusty's Fun House for SNES minus, unfortunately, the smooth and consistent gameplay physics.

I did think that the game ended up somewhat... regular. I mean it doesn't have a great control response or a fluid movement, but it's playable. I would love to hear your sincere opinion.

By the way: that was my first SpeedHack and I had a great time. Maybe this has been asked before, but how about a SpeedHack two times a year?


I forgot to ask: do the games made for SpeedHack will automatically go to the depot?

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January 2003

There's TINS which is basically another SpeedHack.

When I compile your game on Windows with MinGW, it crashes when I try to play.

And no, I don't think your game is automatically added to the depot.

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June 2002

Same here. The game compiles but crashes immediately. I see your data is in the media directory as it should be, but in code you load it as if it's in the current directory. I thought moving the executable to the media dir would solve the problem, but it didn't. There must also be other errors...

After changing the code around line 1115 to this:

  page1 = create_video_bitmap (SCREEN_X, SCREEN_Y);
  if (!page1) {
    abort_on_error ("Couldn't create page1");

  page2 = create_video_bitmap (SCREEN_X, SCREEN_Y);
  if (!page2) {
    abort_on_error ("Couldn't create page2");

...the game exits with a "Couldn't create page2" error message. I think in the future it would be a good idea for you to do error checking instead of assuming everything works.

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Bernardo Lopes
Member #7,318
June 2006

Yes, now I see what could have gone bad.

Thanks for the feedback. Lesson learned.

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