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Grabbing a Font from a txt file
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February 2005

I attach the txt file and the two bmp file, as a zip.
Grabber gives me an error if I try to grab the font through the txt file, but I can grab the bmp the import the other as a new range, but then I can use the update option.

I'm not sure if this is the problem, but I was looking in the code for loading a font from a txt file I found a lot of bugs

1font_str = strtok(buf, " \t");
2 if (font_str)
3 start_str = strtok(0, " \t");
4 if (start_str)
5 end_str = strtok(0, " \t");
7 if(!font_str || !start_str/* || !end_str*/) {
8 destroy_font(f);
9 if (f2)
10 destroy_font(f2);
11 pack_fclose(pack);
12 return NULL;
13 }
15 if(font_str[0] == '-')
16 font_str[0] = '\0';
18 begin = strtol(start_str, 0, 0);
20 if (end_str)
21 end = strtol(end_str, 0, 0);
22 else
23 end = -1;

being most noteable.

I also look at the other font loading functions, but I don't want to wright too much more if I'm not going to get a reply.

If a mod is reading this I think this should be move to the Allegro Development forum.

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