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Zep's Dreamland Complete!
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May 2003

mwahaha, hundreth post in this thread by me.

btw, good job.

[update soon]

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January 2001

awesome. Great music. I'm only at level 10 yet, seems I have some catching up to do.

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September 2001

I showed Zep (and some other Allegro Programs) to some friends of mine, and they really liked what they saw :)

So, even a "normal" user likes Zep - so take the time and smile a bit. It's a neat game, youo managed to finish it and it seems like people like it.

Great work!

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April 2001

Well, that's great! I'm really happy! :) This is my first game to be a big hit, if that's what you can call it. I'm just glad all of my programming works corretly, though. There's still some flaws in the game but overall it's pretty solid, I think. I'm taking that other people believe so, too, so that's GREAT!

I just hope it keeps a following and people start developing some awesome levels!

(5 pages of posts. Good lord!)

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March 2001

I got as far as Level 34 before I left Ontario. Nice idea with the breaking blocks and the blocks that only let you travel in one direction :) Game got more interesting as it went on; that's the way it should be 8-)

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December 2001

I missed that update before, sloppy of you to release with an unsolvable level 40 >:(

Anyway, once I got that down, it was easy :)
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February 2001

I just completed it. It was fun and had a very polished touch. I liked most of the puzzles, a little problem might be that easier and harder puzzles seem to alternate. It would be better if there was a gradually increasing level of difficulty although, of course, that's hard to determine objectively. Some times I could solve a level quite easily but was left with the feeling that I didn't choose the "right" solution... (e.g. level 35).

Two thumbs up!

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July 2003

A great job, well done

It's good to have a tutorial, kids and lazy people (like me) can't be bothered with readme's - but I did have to look there for the save key (doh!) - I think it's been said before but this should be on the main menu.
And also probably said before - the stats from the first level include whatever you did in the tutorial.

excellent work.

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