Introduced in 5.0.0

An event queue holds events that have been generated by event sources that are registered with the queue. Events are stored in the order they are generated. Access is in a strictly FIFO (first-in-first-out) order.

See also: al_create_event_queue, al_destroy_event_queue

Examples: ex_audio_simple, ex_bitmap, ex_bitmap_flip, ex_bitmap_target, ex_blend, ex_blend_test, ex_blit, ex_clip, ex_curl, ex_disable_screensaver, ex_display_options, ex_draw, ex_draw_bitmap, ex_dualies, ex_expose, ex_filter, ex_font, ex_fs_resize, ex_fs_window, ex_gldepth, ex_glext, ex_haiku, ex_icon, ex_iphone, ex_joystick_events, ex_joystick_hotplugging, ex_keyboard_events, ex_lines, ex_lockbitmap, ex_logo, ex_membmp, ex_mixer_pp, ex_mouse_cursor, ex_mouse_events, ex_multisample, ex_multiwin, ex_native_filechooser, ex_noframe, ex_ogre3d, ex_opengl, ex_physfs, ex_premulalpha, ex_prim, ex_resize, ex_resize2, ex_rotate, ex_saw, ex_scale, ex_stream_file, ex_stream_seek, ex_subbitmap, ex_threads, ex_threads2, ex_timedwait, ex_timer, ex_transform, ex_ttf, ex_user_events, ex_vsync, ex_warp_mouse, ex_windows, ex_winfull

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