ALLEGRO_TIMER* al_create_timer(double speed_secs)
Introduced in 5.0.0

Install a new timer. If successful, a pointer to a new timer object is returned, otherwise NULL is returned. speed_secs is in seconds per "tick", and must be positive. The new timer is initially stopped.

The system driver must be installed before this function can be called.

Usage note: typical granularity is on the order of microseconds, but with some drivers might only be milliseconds.

See also: al_start_timer, al_destroy_timer

Examples: ex_bitmap, ex_bitmap_flip, ex_blend, ex_blit, ex_clip, ex_display_options, ex_draw, ex_draw_bitmap, ex_expose, ex_filter, ex_gldepth, ex_glext, ex_haiku, ex_icon, ex_iphone, ex_logo, ex_multisample, ex_native_filechooser, ex_noframe, ex_ogre3d, ex_premulalpha, ex_prim, ex_resize, ex_stream_seek, ex_threads, ex_threads2, ex_timer, ex_transform, ex_ttf, ex_user_events

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