makedoc - Generate documentation in various formats

Using makedoc

Not only the library is built from source code but the actual documentation too. Allegro is bundled with makedoc, a convulsed C program which started small and has grown to support many different output formats. The documentation source and documentation generator can be found both under the `docs/src' directory. Running `make' in Allegro's top directory will generate the documentation along with the library, but there are more specific make targets which you can use to selectively build only the documentation or specific versions of the documentation which by default won't be generated. You can find more about these in the "Makefile targets" chapter.

Output formats

Makedoc output will be placed in the `docs/format' directory or directly in the `docs' directory. Usually if an output format requires an external tool which doesn't come bundled with Allegro you will have to generate it manually with the correct makefile target.

Customizing the output

Some of the output formats can be customized even further by modifying some of the generated files or directly the original source file. The documentation source file format is described with more detail in `docs/src/makedoc/format.txt'. Usually the interesting bits to users are: Note that all the above which applies to HTML output also applies to documentation formats which are HTML based, like Devhelp or CHM.