Merges two fonts into one font.


FONT *merge_fonts(FONT *f1, FONT *f2)
This function merges the character ranges from two fonts and returns a new font containing all characters in the old fonts. In general, you cannot merge fonts of different types (eg, TrueType fonts and bitmapped fonts), but as a special case, this function can promote a monochrome bitmapped font to a color font and merge those. Example:
      FONT *myfont;
      FONT *myfancy_font;
      FONT *lower_range;
      FONT *upper_range;
      FONT *capitals;
      FONT *combined_font;
      FONT *tempfont;
      /* Create a font that contains the capatials from  */
      /* the fancy font but other characters from myfont */
      lower_range = extract_font_range(myfont, -1, 'A'-1);
      upper_range = extract_font_range(myfont, 'Z'+1, -1);
      capitals = extract_font_range(myfancy_font, 'A', 'Z');

tempfont = merge_fonts(lower_range, capitals); combined_font = merge_fonts(tempfont, upper_range);

/* Clean up temporary fonts */ destroy_font(lower_range); destroy_font(upper_range); destroy_font(capitals); destroy_font(tempfont);
Returns a pointer to the new font or NULL on error. Remember that you are responsible for destroying the font when you are finished with it to avoid memory leaks.
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