Tries to make a relative filename from absolute path and filename.


char *make_relative_filename(char *dest, const char *path, const char *filename, int size);
Attempts to make a relative filename from an absolute path and an absolute filename, storing at most `size' bytes into the `dest' buffer. This function won't work if the paths are not canonical under the current platform (see canonicalize_filename()). Also, `dest' cannot be used as input value for `path' or `filename'. Example:
      char base[] = "/long/absolute/path/program.exe";
      char user_input[] = "/nice/and/short.txt";
      make_relative_filename(buf, base, user_input, sizeof(buf));
      /* Under Unix buf would contain:
         ../../../nice/and/short.txt */
Returns a copy of the `dest' parameter if it succeeds or NULL if it fails (eg. under DOS, one path starts with "C:\" and another with "A:\").

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