Supported platforms

For instructions on how to install Allegro, how to link your programs with it, and any additional information specific to each of the supported platforms, see one of the files included in the distribution package:
   DOS/djgpp         - see docs/build/djgpp.txt
   DOS/Watcom        - see docs/build/watcom.txt
   Windows/MSVC      - see docs/build/msvc.txt
   Windows/MinGW     - see docs/build/mingw32.txt
   Windows/Cygwin    - see docs/build/mingw32.txt
   Windows/Borland   - see docs/build/bcc32.txt
   Linux (console)   - see docs/build/linux.txt
   Unix (X11)        - see docs/build/unix.txt
   Darwin (X11)      - see docs/build/darwin.txt
   BeOS              - see docs/build/beos.txt
   QNX               - see docs/build/qnx.txt
   MacOS X           - see docs/build/macosx.txt
General API information can be found in the main manual, usually referred to as docs/txt/allegro.txt, allegro.txt or simply "The Allegro manual" throughout this document. The Allegro manual source is available as a set of files in the docs/src directory. During the build process of the library, these source files will be converted to HTML, TexInfo, and RTF formats (among others) and placed in their respective doc/FORMAT directory.

Information about changes in the API and deprecated features can be found in docs/txt/api.txt (also available in HTML, TexInfo, and RTF format as part of the Allegro manual).