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[Help]Using Physfs for DataFiles
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June 2022


I am using allegro5 and am trying to implement Physfs for datafiles but I do not know where to start or how to initiate it. Is there a basic snippet of code for reference anywhere on this? I am trying to use it on some .wav files and what not but have no idea where to start. thanks

Todd Cope
Member #998
November 2000

Before interacting with your "datafile" (which is just a ZIP file containing your files), you'll need to set up PhysFS and Allegro's PhysFS file interface.

1#include <allegro5/allegro_physfs.h> 2#include <physfs.h> 3 4... 5 6/* you'll have to get argv[0] from main to this call somehow */ 7if(PHYSFS_init(argv[0])) 8{ 9 if(PHYSFS_addToSearchPath("", 1) 10 { 11 /* remember old file interface */ 12 al_store_state(&old_state, ALLEGRO_STATE_NEW_FILE_INTERFACE); 13 al_set_physfs_file_interface(); 14 mysample = al_load_sample("sample.wav"); 15 ... 16 /* restore old file interface when we are done accessing our datafile */ 17 al_restore_state(&old_state); 18 } 19}

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