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Olympic Chicken
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April 2017

Cock! Cock!

The chicken that does not stop jumping! You have to guess in advance in which number it will fall! If you guess right you can win up to 30 times the value deposited! But if you don't get it then buuuu, you have other options to win more times but with a lower value!

Where run??

You can enter in IRC of for join and run commands from #O-Chicken , also you can see the game from a streamming in

When run??

You have to be present on the channel to know when, there is nothing scheduled, and there may be said event at any time of any day, stay tuned!

Why IRC and streamming??

Because it's the most modern and accessible technology that exists!

Technical details?? Please!!

Linux with C/C++ and Allegro.

More details???

hand-built graphics, except for 1 image background, music and fonts extracted from free sources.


Well, it may still need some testing to get it working right, but it's available as production (if it has bugs, it will fix itself over time). It's also necessary to bring a lot of people, which's achieved with diffusion.

How to pay?

With paypal or bitcoins, where you get a internal credits for use in the game.

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