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Khelda II [KrampusHack 2021]
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September 2003

I made a Zelda II alike world with a big map on top view and some dungeons in side view. Permanent world, only the monsters are reset betweens dungeons / starts.

The limit was way overdue before I could do all I wanted so I'm linking both version here, the entry for the compo and the updated / finalised one.

Compo entry:

Screens: uploaded to tins log, both compo and final entry:

git repo:

Click here for full pack with datas, sources and binaries

Gameplay demo (only final entry) :


How to play:

  • You are Kwink. You have to save princess Khelda which is kept prisonner by an Ogre

  • You directly start on the main map. Move around and kill some simple monsters to gain a bit of XP/Life before trying yourself at the dungeons.

  • Each dungeons is guarded by a lot of mobs. Killing them is up to you. Leveling up before being traped in a dungeon is recommended

  • Find all the 3 key fragments before going onto the last dungeon. Deliver princess Khelda by defeating the last mob


  • Esc: quit

  • Arrow keys: move, go up/down or jump/crouch

  • CTRL/LeftMouseButton: attack

  • F1 -> F4t: change weapon (Wood stick, sword, magic bow, magic wand)

  • Key PAD PLUS: shield potion

  • Key PAD ENTER: health potion

Items to be collected:

  • shield (passive, always equiped once found)

  • sword of Khelda

  • magic ice wand

  • infinite arrow bow

  • health potion

  • shield potion

Obtain: the kiss of the princess once the Ogre is dead !


  • Leveling up a bit on easy monsters before trying yourself to a dungeon

  • Wandering around and use the map find the sword, the magic wand, the arrow, the shield

  • Loot a bit of potions before entering the last dungeon



  • configurable log level, example: ./KheldaII.exe -V DEBUG

  • cheat: editable player_state.json after first execution


How to build: need gcc on linux and gcc + msys / cygwin on windows

mkdir -p KheldaII
mkdir -p KheldaII/LIB
mkdir -p KheldaII/Src/
cd KheldaII/LIB
git clone .
cd ../Src/
git clone

EDIT: Updated 'final' binaries with latest version. Git is up to date. Original entry is preserved on the tins website.

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October 2006

I liked it! I played both the compo and final entry. I couldn't figure out how to switch weapons, but once I finished the final dungeon, it somehow switched over to the magic wand!? Either way, I really liked the feel of the movement and the slight bounciness. It was fun to hit many enemies at once with the wooden stick.

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September 2003

It's F1,F2,F3,F4 but you have to search for them and get them first (There are icons of weapons on the main land) or edit the player_states.json file and set one of have_'weaponname' to 1.
You start with only the basic wood stick (which I didn't had the time to implement an icon for X-D) and then search for the shield, wand, bow, sword.
Your player is gaining xp and levels (that I didn't draw anywhere on screen), which explain why even the wood stick is becoming a good weapon.
Thanks for trying, I'm happy you liked it !

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January 2001

Yes, I managed to beat it (see attachment). Nice work, and thanks for the gift!

I notice that in some dungeons, all the enemies collect at the bottom. Is that intentional, or a bug?

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September 2003

Thanks for playing it !

The monster gathering in the dungeons: intentional for last battle, I tried to make a level which is really like going down in a pond of hell.

The others are just bad level design &&|| poor monster intelligence. I mean I could have fixed it with level design and make some "basins" platforms by adding one blocking on each side, which can be done quicker, or give monster more intelligence on platforms borders.

The arrow image for the magic bow and the logic behind it's animation didn't made it to any of the submitted files ;-)

I lacked the time to do anything else than put the basic engine one during the whole compo (as seen by running the KH2021 original entry). During the days where you allow packaging and tuning, I gave my all to make a story ala zelda with the limitations of the engine that was there. I don't think I added that much code, but I've put a lot in getting animations for everything I could. I tuned the monsters and added one special one (the ogre) for the finishing.

I'm happy that you liked it :-)

Watching proof of ending Hoooo I see. Mister is a magic wizard ! I personally prefer to get the shield, the sword, and tank myself a lot before entering the dungeons so I can focalise on exterminating the pests X-D

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January 2001

I did like the ice wand for its ability to wash the entire field with blue particles. Definitely feels powerful.

And I had plenty of shield potions. In the end you can just walk through a bunch of enemies, spamming shield potions as you go along.

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