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Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

Anybody use Bitwarden for password management? I just gave it a quick try and it looks good.

I have used Lastpass for a long time but their policy change to only allow you to use it on mobile or desktop (and not both) for free has annoyed me enough to switch to a different service.

To be clear, I don't mind paying for something like this, but not in the way Lastpass is forcing it upon me. >:(

Jacob Moena
Member #19,324
February 2021

I used KeePassXC but nowadays I use the Firefox password manager. It also generates strong passwords on request and keeps track of vulnerable passwords. I am happy with that. Right now, I can see that I need to change my password on a great deal of sites due to a breach a while ago. And also, when I change the passwords, I will let Firefox generate secure passwords for those. The time of using only one password for everything has probably come to an end, for me ;p:D

Member #3,163
January 2003

this password thing needs to change there has to be a better way moving forward than having a bunch passwords to constantly manage

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Member #5,749
April 2005

I use 1Password but have been considering switching to Bitwarden for a while. Might do just that before my next bill.

Thankfully, it seems they're good at importing.

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