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Open Surge: a fun 2D retro platformer inspired by old-school Sonic games
Alexandre Martins
Member #10,658
February 2009

Open Surge

Open Surge is a fun 2D retro platformer inspired by old-school Sonic games. It is also a game creation system that lets you unleash your creativity! Play, create & share!



Open Surge is free and open source software and is currently available for Windows and GNU/Linux.

I would like to thank you guys from the Allegro community for this amazing library. I have been using it since the days of Allegro 4 and it has taught me so much :) Thank you!

Have fun!!!

Frank Drebin
Member #2,987
December 2002

I tested the game on Windows 10 and it works flawlessly.

It is a nice polished game that indeed reminds me (and probably everyone else) a lot of the classic Sonic game, so I think everyone who liked the classic game will like this game as well.

FPS was constans at 60 FPS except when the credits are displayed.

The only little flaw is the native resolution of 320 x 240 which is a bit low nowadays. But if you habe been working on this game since Allegro 4 time I do understand why you choose this resolution ;)

Alexandre Martins
Member #10,658
February 2009

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to know that it's fast and fluid for you. It's meant to be fun!

Indeed, we have picked a retro resolution on purpose.

The project started with Allegro 4; the current version can be compiled with either Allegro 5 or Allegro 4. Allegro 5 is very well designed and a great piece of software. Works really well. The project uses it by default. Nonetheless, I'm still fond of A4 ;) it carries lots of nostalgia.

Member #907
January 2001

Congrats! And thanks for the open source realization!
Low-res is fine, because it allows more people to contribute maps/mods/graphical tweaks.

I have only one critic about the mascot/avatar, it's that he doesn't bend forward (with ears flattening back) when speeding.

Member #7,536
July 2006

This looks very well made. It was easy to build both projects from source in Ubuntu Linux, and it's running smoothly. If this isn't packaged up yet in the popular distros then it should be. Thank you for releasing this code under a free software license. It is a great contribution to the community. They appear to be accepting donations for anyone that wants to kick back:

Edgar Reynaldo
Member #8,592
May 2007


Two thumbs up for a nicely polished completed game. Bonus points for migrating to A5 while keeping the version with A4.

Was never a fan of sonic games, but I applaud your work and seeing it through. ;)


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