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What are you working on right now?
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May 2004

How do you feel about all the hate surrounding Unity? I've never used it myself, so I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Some say it's a terrible engine with inherent performance issues and design flaws. Do you find that to be true? Also, keep us posted when you make a release.

I don't really care much about the hate. I have never encountered performance issues really, but then again I'm not striving to make an AAA game. For me the engine excels in this: shit works and I don't have to write things from scratch. This has allowed me to actually get somewhere with my game. This combined with assets (both graphics and other stuff like editor plugins) shortens the development time drastically. Less risk for complete drain of motivation, and shortens the time for getting valuable feedback on the prototype I'm creating. When I was coding before in C++ and Allegro I often got stuck with the implementation, stressing about engine features and code architecture and getting nowhere with my game. I want to make games and not engines, and that's why Unity is perfect for me :)

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July 2006

AND, you could even skip around on the video and instantly have it continue playing. No sitting there buffering.

Are you sure your router isn't just figuring out that the domain name is mapped to itself and routing you straight through the LAN? I find that it's choppy to seek around on videos that I'm watching over CIFS connections on a NAS in the LAN, and everything is over Ethernet. I usually copy the next couple of files to the local hard drive to eliminate the lag.

Chris Katko
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January 2002

I don't think my router is capable of using my LAN for my cellphone (and brother on a separate ISP). I've got like ~3 MiB upload. So it's probably just that Canada sucks. ;)

Skipping definitely swells the upload rates to the maximum and can be slower if you keep skipping over and over. But one click here or there is almost instantaneous. Which is why I make a note of how amazing it is!

I'll PM you on Steam later a link and set you up a name/pw so you can test it out yourself. :)

It only runs when my laptop is actually on (and at home)... since it's a laptop. ;D ;D

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