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ReVersed Festival is looking for games.
Andrei Ellman
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April 2003

On Thursday 6th July to Sunday 9th July, the ReVersed festival is taking place in Vienna, Austria. It is a festival where independent game developers from all over the world come to show their games, and members of the public come along and play the games and interact with the developers. And they are currently looking for submissions.

The deadline is the 31st of May, but when submitting the game for evaluation, it does not have to be finished. In fact, it does not even have to be finished in time for the festival. So just go ahead and submit your project in it's current state.

So this would be a good opportunity to get more exposure for your projects, or give you an excuse to dust off that unfinished project lying in the basement of your hard-drive. Even if you do not want to submit a game, you can still come along and play the games on display.

I have already submitted Chickens (along with a few other games), and I've already been told they've accepted it.


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