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Out of curiousity, Allegro 4/5 bitmap dimensions
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June 2007

I know there will be a really good explanation...

But why in Allegro 4 with bitmaps I can just get the height/width of a bitmap
but ->w, or ->h, etc, but in Allegro 5 I have to call the al_get_bitmap_width/height function?

It seems a backward step in the pursuit of elegance imho, but as I said I am sure there is a really good explanation why I have to keep typing out so many characters. Which incidentally increases the line length, and is a slight irk when
formatting the text for readability. I know I could define it away, but I was wondering why it had ended up like it had.

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May 2000

It's generally accepted that you should use getter and setter functions for field access in an API and never allow directly reading or writing them.

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June 2007

Ahh those general them.... shakes his fist at them and mutters something about buffer overruns in his day were do with trains not coding

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October 2006

Making types opaque (only interactable through pointers to them) simplifies the backwards compatibility story. Since 5.0, the internals of ALLEGRO_BITMAP changed significantly, and that would not have been possible if all the variables in that struct were directly accessible. I suppose that doesn't really apply to width/height, since those remained basically the same... but consider al_get_bitmap_flags. By your argument, you'd prefer bitmap->flags, and that was what al_get_bitmap_flags returned... but recently, it got changed to this:

int al_get_bitmap_flags(ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bitmap)
   if (bitmap->parent)
      return bitmap->parent->_flags;
      return bitmap->_flags;

I.e. sub-bitmaps now inherit flags from the parent. Something like this would not have been possible to do in a backwards compatible way if we let you access that member directly.

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