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Give me a step-by-step guide on adding icons!
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November 2014

I'm looking to add an icon to my Allegro game (by that I mean the picture on the taskbar/window) and it's working...kind of. I've finally figured out how it all works, and when i click my .exe in windows explorer or on my desktop it has the icon I want, but it won't appear on the window itself. Here's what I've done so far (that's worked):

1) Created a .ico file from a .png, called "icon.ico"
2) Created a file called "icon.rc" that contains the following:
3) Used Developer Command Prompt for MSVC 2013 to compile "icon.res":
rc -fo icon.res icon.rc
4) Added "icon.res" to the linker options of my project

So to clarify: Windows clearly recognises the icon, but Allegro doesn't. What's wrong? :'(

EDIT: Seems I've got the taskbar icon showing up, at the cost of the .exe icon (but it shows it when you highlight it in windows explorer...weird). For some reason it worked once, then suddenly changed to the Allegro alligator - I have no idea how to change it back! Help me!

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October 2009

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February 2012

I assumed that if you compile the icon into the executable it should automatically get set also in the title bar of the window... I guess this means that's not true?

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September 2002

Yes, it's only because Allegro 4 loads the icon resource called "allegro_icon" and sets it as the program icon. Explorer loads the first icon, no matter the name.

EDIT: If you want to use the same icon in both cases in A5:

  HWND winhandle;
  HICON icon;
  icon = LoadIcon(GetModuleHandle(NULL), "IDI_ICON1");
  if (icon) {
    winhandle = al_get_win_window_handle(display);
    SetClassLongPtr(winhandle, GCLP_HICON, (LONG_PTR)icon);
    SetClassLongPtr(winhandle, GCLP_HICONSM, (LONG_PTR)icon);

This will load both the 16x16 and the 32x32 icon, so there will be no resizing.

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