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bitmap transparency
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March 2014

I know its possible to make a color completely invisible. I use this already in my game. But I was wondering is there a way to draw a bitmap that is still visible but see through?

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

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November 2012

If you want to draw translucent bitmaps onto others, you can use draw_trans. This will exactly do what you want. Other ways may fail :-))

Dizzy Egg
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March 2009

Yeah, what Edgar said. You can create an image in your 'graphics software' with an alpha channel; then, if you save it as something like .png you can load it in A5 and it will use the alpha channel, 32 bits (24 for the colours RGB and 8 bits for the alpha transparency....probably).

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March 2014

could you point me to draw trans in the manual? i can't find it.

Chris Katko
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January 2002

Allegro 4 or 5?

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March 2014

Allegro 5

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January 2013

If you want to draw a bitmap half-transparent only sometimes, instead of editing it to include alpha channel, you could draw it tinted like that:


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