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Allegro needs your help!
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May 2000

I've been using mingw (through msys1 then msys2) with spaces in the path for many years and never hit a problem... however I guess only my own projects where in paths with spaces, not msys/mingw itself.

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Arthur Kalliokoski
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February 2005

Maybe I was thinking of DJGPP with the spaces. :-/

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Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

It depends. make tends to have issues with spaces, so does bash/sh? And I think I've heard of issues with MSVC installed in a path with spaces?

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July 2006

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March 2011

That's why I suggested NSIS. ( It's been years since I last used it but it worked well then . NSIS is fuly scriptable and the installer generated has been ported to Linux so you can make an installer for cross compiled Windows software there too.

Edit : looks like there are CMake scripts to generate NSIS installers as well:

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