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al_create_fs_entry not working second time after calling destructor
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January 2014

Anyway basically what happens is that I have a main menu and I start the game this creates a game object and that creates a graphicSetBundle object which is where I am using al_create_fs_entry then from the ingame menu I quit back to main menu calling the game destructor and any others required.

Now the problem is that the second time I run the game it doesn't work. al_fs_entry_exists(gfxsetPath) returns false and most interestingly to me is that gfxsetPath instead of giving the full path D:\blah\graphics\sets it has the value of ../graphics/sets

This is what gfxsetsDir is equal to in both cases but it does not appear to work/give the same result the second time and I don't understand why

1 2GraphicSetBundle::GraphicSetBundle(const char *gfxsetsDir) 3{ 4 ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY *gfxsetPath = al_create_fs_entry(gfxsetsDir); 5 std::vector< ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY *> gfxSetFilePaths; 6 al_open_directory(gfxsetPath); 7 printf("gfxsetpath: %s\n", al_get_fs_entry_name(gfxsetPath)); 8 printf("isexist?:%i\n",al_fs_entry_exists(gfxsetPath)); 9 10 ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY *next; 11 do 12 { 13 next = al_read_directory(gfxsetPath); 14 if(next != NULL) 15 { 16 gfxSetFilePaths.push_back(next); 17 } 18 } 19 while(next != NULL); 20 al_close_directory(gfxsetPath); 21 22 for(int i=0; i<gfxSetFilePaths.size(); ++i) 23 { 24 currentPath_ = al_create_path(al_get_fs_entry_name(gfxSetFilePaths[i])); 25 bundle_.insert( std::make_pair<std::string, GraphicSet*>(al_get_path_basename(currentPath_), new GraphicSet(currentPath_)) ); 26 } 27 28 29 for(int i=0; i<gfxSetFilePaths.size();++i) 30 { 31 al_destroy_fs_entry(; 32 } 33 al_destroy_fs_entry(next); 34 35 al_close_directory(gfxsetPath); 36 al_destroy_fs_entry(gfxsetPath); 37 38}

This is being compiled on Windows 8.1 x64 with Visual Studio 2010 not that it should matter. Hopefully that is enough code because there is a fair bit of code if the problem is elsewhere and it may not necessarily be particularly tidy code. I can say everything worked (apart from the memory leaks) as it should before I started loading graphics with physfs. (my hardcoded paths and global variables were annoying me)

Edit: it would appear its not the fact that I am deleting my GraphicSetBundle or the Game object that it is created in is the problem. If I create multiple GraphicSetBundles than only the first one will work even if the intended directory is different.

Edit Again: Problem Solved ! ;D I had used al_set_standard_file_interface() instead of using al_set_standard_fs_interface() so presumably it was still using physfs when it wasn't supposed to all good now then.

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