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Explain the arguments....
Dizzy Egg
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March 2009

(Attached image to visualise request!)


Hello guys, as part of something I'm working on I need to draw an object that can be thought of as a black pole that tapers from a fat bottom to a point at the far end; The base will be fixed but the pointed end will come under the stress of various forces and will move. I don't need help with the math for calculating the points, (starting at bottom left and moving up, then down to bottom right), but I'm struggling to understand the al_calculate_spline function in the html docs....

If someone could explain, given the 8 coordinates, how to determine stride, and also if my 'bottom left', to 'top', to 'bottom right' method is correct, I would be very grateful (I'm sure 'stride' relates to something completely different to what I am thinking!!)

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March 2011

There are some examples here:

Basicaly, stride will be calculated with sizeof. If you have, say, a struct MyPoint { float x, y }; then you'll need to use sizeof(struct Mypoint); if you want the function to store the result into an array allocated with calloc or new of those structs.

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