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trustworthiness of dropbox
William Labbett
Member #4,486
March 2004

weapon_S said:

Seriously: how are you feeling? Worrying about other people might be sign about your own condition.

Thanks for your concern weapon_S. I'm not sure what to say. There's some things I'd like to ask on the subject of this thread but I think what I actually need to do is
give it a rest.


Thomas Fjellstrom
Member #476
June 2000

Eh, I'm quite paranoid, I want to build a self sufficient bunker for the END OF DAYS. makes its own clean air, water, food, and electricity!

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"If you can't think of a better solution, don't try to make a better solution." -- weapon_S
"The less evidence we have for what we believe is certain, the more violently we defend beliefs against those who don't agree" --

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