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Variable Time Steps – Vsync – Fixed Time Steps
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January 2013

Absolutely, I will do, thanks again. :)

Another link I found a while ago which is a nice easy read (the comments get challenging for the author as well):

Even though it’s in relation to the XNA Frame work, it’s still 100% relevant, very clear, and a great read for beginner’s.

Just one last thing: Has anybody managed to work out what I should be seeing when changing the float FPS variable in, SiegeLord's Interpolation Program, that he included in this discussion. I’ve already asked this, but I’ve had no response so far.

Also if anybody does completely understand how it works, or supposed to work, then how about breaking it down into 3 or 4 sections with explanations, so as to be like a typical Wiki tutorial. A fully working explained interpolation program of this type would be Fantastic! :o

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February 2012

What an authoritative link up there :P

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January 2013

I hope you like it. :-*

Kris Asick
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July 2001 did recognize that the original creator of Allegro made that article, right? ;)

--- Kris Asick (Gemini)

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January 2013

I’ve just got back from work and refreshed this post.

Ha Ha, Flipping Heck. I can’t believe it. No I Didn’t. I genuinely did not have a clue. Really I didn’t! :D

Well now, and I actually said the comments were challenging for him. Ok now I’m definitely embarrassed.

If only he would look at SiegeLord's Interpolation Code and attempt to explain it. :-/

Anyway his article “Understanding Game Time” is for me at least, just great. I have to say though, my starting point to obtaining an understanding of all this is still: :)

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