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Bored Ramblings During a Project
Specter Phoenix
Member #1,425
July 2001

LennyLen said:

Yeah, I seem to remember the sentiments being more along the line of "If you don't like it, shut up and leave."

You need to recheck your logs because the last time I left wasn't because I wanted to leave. I pissed off half the channel because I was going on about how I want to improve my skills, but my confidence makes me war with myself and ultimately back out of my project ideas. By the time I was done I was basically told off by several members on IRC and Thomas may remember this better because he was torn when I ultimately left as he was trying to help me, but frustrated with my confidence issue. It was bad enough that I think it was Thomas that started considering banning me because by the time I was done I was pissed too and kept acting like I didn't give a shit due to how some of the guys were responding.

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Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

van_houtte's not here, so I'll have to take his place

Informal poll - What would van_houtte say? :

1)OMG man the fuck up :-*

2)cool story bro 8-)

3)panties in a bunch? :D

Seriously though, why does it bother you so much? I find your lack of ability to finish something personally disappointing, but we all have that disease to some degree, or we're just infected with wanderlust when it comes to coding projects. Some of us like TrentG have some discipline, but not all... Do you need me to beat somebody up for you or what? Just man up, and code, and work on one project until you're satisfied or you've come to a reasonable level of completion. That in itself will earn you more respect than asking if you should leave or not.

And for the record, I don't find you unwelcome. So I will take this opportunity to welcome you to the forum of zealots of english and coding gurus extraordinaire,

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September 2003

I don't care about all those silly bablings.

If Specter want to leave, he leaves, else he stay. He could also round horse-ride his arse with his keyboard, I don't care too ^^

Specter, IMHO you're just a lazy and bored guys. Perhaps if you start by finishing a few projects you would feel better.

This is internet man. Come, leave, nobody really care.

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Ben Delacob
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August 2005

I'm not sure of your ability to take a joke and I hope you can take the following image with a smile instead of a frown. Introspection is okay too, though I imagine it comes easy to you and you are hard on yourself, as you also seem depressed to me (it's not always overall sadness). Later edit: Really, you're an alright guy but you should stop questioning yourself. For your sake more than that of others.


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Samuel Henderson
Member #3,757
August 2003

I've never had a problem with you Specter and have enjoyed a good many of your posts.

That being said I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, I certainly wouldn't hold it against you one way or the other.

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Paul whoknows
Member #5,081
September 2004

Don't know who you are :-X don't care what you do :-X



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