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A5: Allegro File System error
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April 2007

EDIT: Solved! Forgot to run al_open_directory(ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY);

I've made two functions that I am going to use to parse directories and get all files in them. The idea is that I only send the directory path to td_set_directory_to_parse() and then call td_next_file_in_directory() until it returns NULL. I've used these functions before without problem but then I logged all files and subdirectories to "content files" in each directory (old approach from back when I used A4 which I've converted to A5), but now I want to do it runtime instead of generating these content files.

Problem is that it crashes when I run al_read_directory(ParseDirectory); in the td_next_file_in_directory() function and I don't know why. ParseDirectory has been set to a File System entity and if I wouldn't it would be NULL and return NULL.

Anyone able to see what I've forgotten? I've been looking at the code for a few hours now and can't find it.

1ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY *ParseDirectory = NULL; 2 3void td_set_directory_to_parse(char *path) 4{ 5 if (ParseDirectory != NULL) 6 al_destroy_fs_entry(ParseDirectory); 7 8 ParseDirectory = al_create_fs_entry(path); 9} 10 11 12char *td_next_file_in_directory() 13{ 14 if (ParseDirectory == NULL) 15 return NULL; 16 17 ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY *file = al_read_directory(ParseDirectory); // <-- Crash! 18 19 if (al_get_fs_entry_mode(file) & ALLEGRO_FILEMODE_ISFILE) 20 { 21 char *fileName = td_malloc(64); 22 sprintf(fileName, "%s", al_get_fs_entry_name(file)); 23 return fileName; 24 } 25 else 26 { 27 al_destroy_fs_entry(ParseDirectory); 28 return NULL; 29 } 30}

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