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[urgent] 2-d Side Scroller Game in CPP
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February 2012

Thankyou 23, will try harder! If you see, i have asked many a times, but have only taken from this thread "Jumping mechanism" and lots of advice to KEEP THINKING and TRYING. I have been doing so, and will watch these videos and take your words as motivation. Everyone here has been saying the same, that until you do it yourself, it wont be of any use!

I am almost done with the game, it may not be perfect, but atleast i have tried and got something working! Thanks again everyone.

Steve Terry
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March 2002

I don't believe we normally give this treatment to every user here. We try to be very helpful when someone comes to us with a problem where they already did most of the hard work and have a few bugs with their implementation. The problem is that you started the thread practically expecting us to do everything up front, so it gave a very bad impression. Not to mention that this seems to be something for a job interview or homework which most of us here would rather see you do some research beforehand. We will gladly help you with any of the problems, but you can't sound so desperate and demanding up front.

I did a quick Google search for "circle triangle collision" and "circle square collision" and there are some pretty relevant results returned. You can find most of the information you are needing from sources that practically give you the answer if you look. You may try that and if it fails to work for you, create a new thread and say, hey I found this algorithm for collision detection, this is how I implemented it and it's not quite working when I do this or that, can you help?

You may get a different response from us if that were the case.

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