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Does anyone have 5.1.0 MSVC Binaries?
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October 2009

Before I go through the large task of compiling 5.1.0 (mainly obtaining and compiling its dependencies), I was wondering if anyone had MSVC 9 binaries of 5.1.0.

I'm not looking for the shader addon nor the the recording, and video addons. I just need the same addons as 5.0 I'm just looking to use the new functionality added to the core of Allegro in 5.1.


Matthew Leverton
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January 1999

Out of curiosity, which features do you use? OGG is a big one that requires additional support, but given that GDI+ handles all the images, I'd think that most of the dependencies aren't that important.

Member #11,410
October 2009

I use:

That is practically all of them. The only one I do not need is libPNG.

It is still a fair amount of work just for these though. I wish Michal CichoĊ„ would release a 5.1.0 binary; I found his binaries extremely useful.

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