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Lighting and Allegro 5
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December 2001

I just noticed something, you use the following tint when drawing the background: al_map_rgba_f(0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 1.0)

But I had thought pre-multiplied alpha worked like so: al_map_rgba_f(r * alpha, g * alpha, b * alpha, alpha)

Mark Oates: If you get that working with Allegro 5's graphics, you be sure to let me know. :o


Trent Gamblin
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April 2000

Yeah, it does work like that. Alpha is 100%, you don't want to make the image transparent, just darker (and that was just so you can more easily see the light.) The .2 makes is 20% brighness. So it's 0.2*1.0 = 0.2.

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December 2001

That makes sense. :)


Dario ff
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August 2008

I've used the method described by Mark multiple times. It works. 8-) Probably the easiest way you can get to "blend" the lights, just draw them as simple objects into the "shadow" buffer and then flip it with a blender.

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March 2008

Not sure how to do quotes, but I'm trying Mark Oates' idea right now with this code:

1al_draw_bitmap(testPng,0,0,0); 2 3 al_set_target_bitmap(lightLayer); 4 al_clear_to_color(al_map_rgb_f(0,0,0)); 5 centered_draw_bitmap(lanternLight, 300,300,0); 6 7 al_set_target_backbuffer(display); 8 9 push_allegro_state(ALLEGRO_STATE_BLENDER); 10 al_set_blender(ALLEGRO_DEST_MINUS_SRC,ALLEGRO_ONE,ALLEGRO_ONE); 11 12 al_draw_bitmap(lightLayer,0,0,0); 13 14 pop_allegro_state();

Where I am trying to draw an 800x600 blank white space called lightLayer and draw lanternLight on top of it, which is just a black circle.

I'm getting this (see attachment), in the image after blending, which I don't understand, since the edges of my lanternLight png square should have been mixed into the white of lightLayer.

Also, a bit off topic, but I don't understand what states are used for. Is it that I can't blend anything without toggling some kind of blending-mode on/off?

And do I need to make another buffer like in Allegro 4 if I can just use al_set_target_backbuffer and al_flip_display?

Thanks :)

Edit: I just noticed the space outside the black square is brighter than the should-be-lit space inside the circle. That would imply what I'm doing is completely faulty. Is there some understanding I am obviously missing by my codes?

It'll be open source if I ever finish it.

Mark Oates
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March 2001

You're clearing to black:


You should clear to white:


(or, just al_clear_to_color(al_color_name("white"));)

[edit:] also, if you use bitmaps for (black) lights, they should be on a clear alpha backdrop, that way you can add multiple lights together correctly without overlapping another light.

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