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SpeedHack 2011 is coming soon
Sol Blast
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April 2008

Well I gave it my best shot, but it just wasn't meant to happen for me this weekend. :-/
Be warned. What follows below is long and rambling.

I wasn't prepared for Friday at all as my artist only agreed to take part at the last minute. So i had to get Allegro set up from scratch (which took a lot longer than I remember). I got home after work and turned my laptop on, but unfortunately my laptop charger had decided to go on the fritz. It took me a few hours of messing around with sellotape to get it to start charging and then a further surprising amount of time to actually work out a game idea. By 4am we had our game idea solidified, and i had my ancient Allegro 4.4 framework building again. We called it a night and decided to reconvene early on Saturday.
I woke up on Saturday and went downstairs to get started again, but my laptop charger gave me more trouble. This time however, after a few hours of messing around with sellotape it had had enough and melted :o. Obviously with no laptop to work on, i had no choice but to admit defeat. Saturday was a write off and we done nothing.
As a shot of the blue today though, the artist dug out another computer for me to use and told me to come around to his house to see if we could salvage even the most basic entry to the competition. We worked for 9 hours straight (which included getting MSVC/ Allegro set up all over again), and got at least something resembling the start of a game out of it :P. Not enough though.

I'm really, really disappointed that my charger had to crap out on me on this of all weekends. On Friday night it felt like we really had a chance of finishing something. Indeed, with the progress we made in the nine hours we worked today I'm certain we would have finished the game with the 12+ we lost on Saturday.
Oh well... next year hopefully. At least i still get to see what everyone else turns out! Hopefully you've all had better luck than I've had :).

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July 2006

I got home from j0rb on Friday and was too exhausted to do anything development related so I played Borderlands. On Saturday, I was too demotivated to do anything development related so I continued to play Borderlands. Today (Sunday), I was too into Borderlands to do anything else (I did do my laundry and dishes though!). So I got nothing done. I didn't even really have a game idea... I only managed to come up with a solid plan for one of the rules:

I was going to have a full-screen ad for something (originally beer came to mind, and cigarettes[1], but with the rated E rule I would have probably changed this to something silly) that would randomly flash on the screen momentarily (i.e., covering the entire screen for a split second). Alas, this was the first thing I attempted to tackle, but I quickly learned how unfamiliar I am with GIMP and by then exhaustion had gotten the better of me.

Hmmm, I wonder if Saturday -> Monday would be a better time span on average. I think it would be easier to get started on a day off when you're not getting home from j0rb already drained. On Monday you'd hopefully already have something accomplished which should help to motivate you to keep going until the end. Thoughts?


  1. Family Guy reference; I don't personally condone smoking (even drinking is somewhat of a gray area).
Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

bamccaig said:

I wonder if Saturday -> Monday would be a better time span on average.

As it is now, everybody gets a full Saturday and Sunday. If you moved it ahead 24 hours, people in Australia would basically be Sunday -> Tuesday.

It's best to consider it the full weekend (Sat/Sun), with some bonus time around the edges depending on which timezone you are in.

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December 2002

Derezo said:

Very rusty with allegro now. I'm still going to get more familiar with A5, but I'll have to wait until another year for Speedhack.

Meh, I haven't used Allegro in years. My entry is finished (including me being gone all night Friday and almost all day Saturday). I spent the hour or two I did have on Friday to install and learn A5. :P

Time to put the finishing touches on and package her up.

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July 2007

Slartibartfast, I successfully compiled your entry on Windows XP with MinGW. It compiles and runs fine, and my computer is a really crappy one with an integrated Intel card.

I'll continue to try the remaining entries.

Sol Blast, that looked sweet. You should upload the graphics pack.

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June 2007

Slartibartfast, I successfully compiled your entry on Windows XP with MinGW.

Thanks :)
I wonder if it is MSVC that just hates me :X

bamccaig said:

Hmmm, I wonder if Saturday -> Monday would be a better time span on average.

My weekend is already Thursday->Friday[1] so stealing another day from me won't be very helpful.

(I might get in a tiny update in the morning though :O)

So I ended up uploading a small update - only changed the readme :)
Now my entry really is final as I won't be able to work on it at work.


  1. For everyone in Israel as well
Bruce Perry
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April 2000

My game is submitted :) Who fancies testing it for me?

The readme isn't entirely accurate; I'm ready to upload a correction. However, I wondered if I should modify the Makefile first. It's configured to link -lallegro-4.4.2-monolith-mt or something like that, but for me it needs to be just -lalleg44. Wondering what Matthew's done differently in his Allegro build ...

Seems that question was answered in Matthew's readme. ;D Oh well, I changed the Makefile anyway, but the old line is still in there commented out, so the change can be reversed easily enough if anyone needs to.

I've done my blog post, and now I'm going to post the announcement thread and go to bed, so let's hope it's OK :D

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