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Arrow keys cause unichar field to be non zero in OSX
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January 2001

I wondered about "non-printable", and in the context of text input in an allegro game or utility, I guess the question always resolves to ML's point:
If the unicode value has a character in the font (shipped with the game), it's printable.
If it doesn't, it doesn't make sense to "accept" it as user input, as he won't see what he's just typed.

One big advantage of this approach is that if you provide a rudimentary font, let's say only part of latin characters, the user can still swap it with a bigger font in order to support more characters or a different set, without recompiling or anything.

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May 2000

Ctrl-A also produces 1, Ctrl-B produces 2, etc.

Ah, I forgot about those. So in my A5 text box by simply checking for ASCII 8 instead of KEY_BACKSPACE Ctrl-H will work as backspace. I'm sold for option C now :)

The EVENT_KEY_CHAR .unichar documentation should have something like this added:

Some special keys will set the .unichar field to their standard ASCII code: Backspace=8, Tab=9, Return=13, Escape=27, Delete=127. In addition if you press the Control key together with A to Z the .unichar field will have the values 1 to 26. For example Ctrl-A will set .unichar to 1 and both the Backspace key and Ctrl-H will set it to 8.

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