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A question to all the married men
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January 2010

well done derezo :-*

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Neil Roy
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April 2002


Thanks a lot. :( I was reading this when my brother stopped by. I left the screen where it was. He sat at the computer while we were talking and finally asked why I had a picture of "a nerdy guy" on my screen... I tried to explain, but he read the comment above it, rhetorically asked if I was on some kind of homosexual chat room, and stormed out... :-[

Dies laughing :D

“I love you too.” - last words of Wanda Roy

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January 2001

Interesting path this thread has taken, interesting. Because of me starting this thread Derezo decided to shave, wow the power I have, I should choose thread topics more wisely, ;D

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April 2001

I had shaved before I set this to my avatar. The pic was taken the day I shaved -- I took a lot more, too. In one I even share a bit of likeness with Colonel Sanders.

The whole thing was a social psychology experiment, and it was extremely successful and rewarding. It's interesting how much an image like that affects the way most minds perceive the individual underneath the protein fibers. The perceived value of a person's contributions, or of a person's opinion, is greatly modified by their image.

It can be abused very much.

"He who controls the stuffing controls the Universe"

Tobias Dammers
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August 2002

I am abusing it right now. The somewhat naïve expression on my face, and my being a shark (which barely qualifies me as vertebrate) were carefully crafted (using state-of-the-art supercomputers) to create a false sense of intellectual superiority on my opponent's part (you, that is). Then when you don't look, I'll devastate you by posting something extremely intelligent.

In real life, I have a beard, because it makes me feel more manly, plus I want to look like Richard Stallman when I grow up.

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