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[A5/OSX] Sound not playing
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December 2000

This is a followup of the other thread, 'cause I think I'd be veering from the topic too much at this point. ;)


    if (!al_install_audio()) {
    return -1;


  if (!al_reserve_samples(16)) {
    return -1;


  if (!al_init_acodec_addon()) {
    return -1;


  return 0;

0 is returned, i.e. it sets up correctly. But when I later try to al_play_sample on a sample that I've loaded successfully, it returns 0 and nothing is played.

I don't know why I keep having all these mystifying problems. Bear with me. :P

EDIT: This happens both with .wavs and .oggs, including .wavs from disk.

EDIT2: Turns out this is a PEBKAC error; specifically, the loop argument is not a boolean. Herpaderp.

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