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Development Progress
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December 2004

weapon_S said:

Calling it a "Bounty Bob Engine", and mentioning all the things you want to implement to be able to recreate the original game, makes me wonder whether you have planned some additional features? Have you got ideas for some extra stages?

Oh yes, I have loads of ideas for things that can be done with this that go beyond what could be done in the original.


If there is an emulator available, why do you even want to make this?

Originally, because I've been meaning to do this for the last 25 years. Now it's because I want to be able to build a tool that others can use to make games with.


Are you planning an editor?

Yes. An editing suite, eventually.


Why do you avoid using copyrighted images and sound, if the game itself would be much more incriminating should somebody ever wish to take legal actions (to the max)?

With the exception of the name, nothing about the base engine itself infringes copyright, and that could be changed in one second. I also see it as a moral difference, if not a legal one. I didn't create their graphics, and so do not want to distribute them without any permission, whereas I did all the work on the engine myself, and so don't feel bad distributing that (it also doesn't really do what the original game does, so I don't think it would be considered a derivative work.


Do you mind me asking this many questions?

Not at all.

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