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Grabber (2 Problems)
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April 2007

Hi everyone :). At first: I'm new and from germany, so sorry for my average englisch skills =(

I have 2 Problems with Grabber.

First i can't compile any source which contains a DATAFILE. I'm getting following error (for example):

52 D:\Dev-Cpp\projekte\Allegro\Pong\main.cpp invalid conversion from `void*' to `const RGB*'

As you can see I am using Dev-Cpp. I was trying to compile the example file exdata.
This was the codeline:


What am I doing wrong?

And my second problem is(maybe i am to blind)...where can i get Grabber. I can't even compile it, because of the same reason as above.

I hope you can help me :)

--- Where the german seems to dwell... ---

Dustin Dettmer
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October 2003


This is an incompatibility between C and C++ (and Allegro was designed as a C library).


where can i get Grabber

Its in your tools or bin directory or something. If you installed via devpak you have to also install the 'Allegro Goodies' pack.

Member #8,543
April 2007

Wow :D hi, that was very fast :)

Thank you for your help. I found grabber :)
And your advice is working =) stupid me.

Again, thank you for your help :)

--- Where the german seems to dwell... ---

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